Summarize Spoken Text Study Guide

February 21, 2019PTE APEUni
STUDYGUIDE Summarize Spoken Text


Summarize Spoken Text is actually a quite easy task in PTE. In exam, test takers will hear a lecture / dialogue(60s - 90s)and then they should write a summary of what they have heard. The word limit for the summary is 50 to 70 words. In exam, there are 1 to 2 SST questions.


While listening, you should note down 5 - 6 key points, including topic phrase / sentence and 4 - 5 main points. Normally 1 main point in every 2 - 3 sentences. Then convert your notes into answers.

If it is too difficult to determine the key points, note down as many sentences as possible (at least 5) that you can understand.

Most importantly, do not make any grammar or spelling mistakes in your answer. Always remember to check your anwer before submitting

Time Span

The time allowed for each Summarize Spoken Text is 10 minutes. The audio time is included in the 10 minute limit. You can check how much time you are left with at the top right corner of computer screen. Finishing answering with less than 10 minutes would not bring you additional time to next question. Therefore there is no need to rush, and always leave at least 2 – 3 minutes to proofread your answer before submitting.

Practice Task

Get familiar with the tips taught in the SST public lesson. Practice 2 or 3 tasks on a daily basis on APEUni website/ APP.