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APEUni RL Algo V1.0

2020 年 11 月 24 日APEUni
APEUni RL Algo V1.0

What is【RL V1.0】?

【RL V1.0】is an intelligent oral scoring algorithm developed by Apeuni.

What can【RL V1.0】do?

1.Apeuni’s AI scoring engine of speaking test will simulate those in the speaking sections in real tests, delivering test-takers’ results according to their audio responses in terms of content, pronunciation and fluency,giving them effective suggestions for performance-promotion, pinpointing their weakness in speaking.

2.The audio recognition function will display how users have pronounced each word with an assessment of Excellent, Good or Poor,telling exactly which syllabuses have been mispronounced, and where they have had a phrasing with a mark of ‘/’for each.

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