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Repeat Sentence Study Guide

May 27, 2019PTE APEUni
STUDYGUIDE Repeat Sentence
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This question type is the 2nd one in the Speaking Section. Test takers will hear a recording of a single sentence only once, and your response will be recorded only once, too. This question type usually consists of 10 to 12 questions.


Many test takers, who usually find it difficult to remember the sentences heard in the recordings, will think this question type is about memory, but in fact fluency is of the utmost priority in gaining quick breakthrough in this question type.

Master Peter’s 258 law is recommended while practicing, in which test takers are required to repeat 
20%, 50% or 80% of what they have heard in recordings respectively according to their capabilities and grade goals, and test takers should adopt a step-by-step approach as mentioned below.

Time Span

The maximum length of time for recording of response is 15 seconds, but, in fact, 10 seconds is enough for the normal speaking pace. If test takers pause for 3 seconds, the microphones will automatically close.

Practice Goal

WHV: The 258 Law, assuring 20% of what is heard repeated, and speaking without hesitation.

50 points: At least two words are repeated for each sentence, and if possible, 3 or 4 words are preferred. No hesitation or stiffness.

65 points: At least a half of what is heard is repeated for each sentece. No hesitation or stiffness.

79 points: At least a half of what is heard is repeated for each sentece, and if possible, try to make it 80%. No hesitation or stiffness.

Practice Task

Practice 30 sentences on a daily basis on Apeuni website/APP to meet the requirements corresponding to a specific grade section.