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Reading Multiple Choices Multiple Answers Study Guide

May 27, 2019PTE APEUni
STUDYGUIDE Reading Multiple Choices Multiple Answers
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Test takers will see a textual passage of 200 to 300 words, together with a questionand 5 to 7 choices, and are required to answer the question by choosing the correct choice according to the passage.This question type usually consists of 2 or 3 questions.


PTE questions with multiple choices and a single answer account for a very small proportion in the overall score, so they just deserve relatively a low priority in preparing PTE tests. The utmost importance is the time management, making sure to complete a question of this type within 1 or 2 minutes, because any excess use of time here will probably put a strain on the necessary time for those ensuing time-consuming, important questions( FIB).

In questions of multiple answer, test takers achieve 1 point for 1 correct choice, lose 1 point for 1 uncorrect choice, and get 0 point for no choice. So, unless very sure, do not make more than one choice in answering each question of this type.

Time Span

All questions in the Reading Section share one single timer, so the more time consumed in one question, the less time allowed in other ones. Test takers had better make their responses in this question type as quick as possible in order to leave enough time for following FIB questions which account for much more. If a test taker is very sure in answering a specific question correctly, he or she can spend at most 1.5 minutes in it. For those who are unsure, each question of this type should take up at most 1 minute for just a rough selection among the given choices.

Practice Task

Before mock/ real tests, practice a complete set of questions in the Reading Section to get familiar with them and the time management.