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PTE Integrated Score System Explained

June 06, 2019PTE APEUni

PTE Score Report

PTE SCORE PTE's Integrated Score System

PTE Integrated Score System: some task types of PTE assess more than one communicative skills ( listening, speaking, reading and writing). For example, Read Aloud (RA), the first task type in the Speaking Section, tests not only speaking but also reading. This scoring system brings more objectiveness and comprehensiveness.

Below is a complete breakdown of PTE’s Integrated Score System by Apeuni:

apeuni pte


apeuni pte

This is an official PTE score report (thanks to Principal Peter’s contribution) and it consists of three parts.

a. Personal Information

apeuni pte

Firstly, it shows your personal information, and a photo of you shot on-site just before the exam.

b. Overall Score

apeuni pte

Peter’s overall score is 90 points. The overall score ranges from 10 ~ 90 points.

c. Scores

There are two parts: communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores.

apeuni pte

Communicative skills scores are the very four requirements directly related to your language competence, determining your qualification for visa or college entrances. For example, while applying for Australia's Permanent Residency, a score of 65 in each of the four communicative skills will add you 10 points in its Points-tested system.

apeuni pte

Enabling skills scores are not assessed in Visa or University applications, but they will provide you a detailed analysis of how you performed in your speaking and writing sections. The scores of pronunciation and fluency are related to your overall speaking score, and scores of spelling, grammar, vocabulary and written discourse reflect your performance in writing tasks and listening SST (Summarize Spoken Text).