APEUni PTE Scored Mock Test - Real Test Experience and Scores

August 07, 2020APEUni

Do you really know the details of the PTE test?

APEUni PTE Mock on PC is only available at the Google Chrome browser

Do you know that the time allowed for the listening section in PTE exams is often insufficient and you are not allowed to skip the non-important questions?

Do you know that there is no preparation time and the beep sound before the recording of RS & ASQ answers?

Do you know that you cannot use the copy & paste keyboard shortcuts for Essay, SWT and SST questions in the exam?

Do you know that Essay, SWT and SST questions are timed individually and you are not allowed to write more if your time is up?


A real test consists of so many details. The unfamiliarity of which may badly affect the pace, quality, and speed of your response, and thus your final marks. Many test-takers only get to know the important details after costly failures in exams.

Now, teachers at Apeuni have revealed the secrets of 3 special timings, 5 lesser-known pop-up windows, and 12 minor facts which may affect your efficiency of response, all of which come from 12 real tests and numerous mock tests, as well as support from Apeuni’s students.

And all this makes a 99% similarity between Apeuni’s mock tests and real tests!!!

Apeuni’s mock tests enable you to experience real tests in advance and thus enable you to face your future real tests with ease. By this, you can find your way to conquer PTE as soon as possible!

Explanation of some details in Apeuni’s mock test

1. Scoring

There is not only a complete report card but also a detailed break-down of the total marks in Apeuni’s mock test. The key Section displayed after scoring shows keys for all the questions, which facilitates test-takers’ review and analysis of the questions they have failed.

2. The similarity between the interfaces of an Apeuni’s mock test and a real test reaches 99%

This prevents your possible unfamiliarity from affecting your performance.

3. Pre-loading of question and backstage submission

With a normal network service, you will not be aware of the processes during loading and submission of question, so your response will not suffer from an annoying interrupt caused by them and you will enjoy seamless and fluid experience the same as in real tests.

4. Details about cue tone and recording time in the Speaking Section

Time for preparation befor recording ( second ) Cue tone before recording Time for recording ( second )
RA 35-40 Yes 35-40
RS 0 No 15
DI 25 Yes 40
RL 10 Yes 40
ASQ 0 No 10

5. A break of 10 minutes

Details of the break in real tests are one of the frequently-asked-questions. So we have the 10-minute break designed into Apeuni’s mock test, which goes after the Reading Section and you can skip to continue.

6. SWT, WE and SST with independent timing in real tests

The mouse’s right key is disabled and shorcut keys for copy&paste do not work in real tests. The Writing Section has indenpent buttons for copy, cut and paste, as well as word-counter.

Difference between VIP Mock Test and Free Mock Test

【Free】: only one set available; free for everyone who logs in to Apeuni’s official website; VIP status is needed to check the score.

【VIP】: VIP users can take all mock tests available; scoring is provided after completing the tests.