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Listening Multiple Choices Single Answer Study Guide

2019 年 5 月 27 日APEUni Teaching Department
STUDYGUIDE Multiple Choices Single Answer Listening
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Test takers will usually hear a lecture/dialogue(60s-90s)before required to accordingly choose a solely correct answer from given options. This question type usually consists of 2 or 3 tasks.

Time Span

Multiple-choice-single-answer questions account for an insignificant amount of points in the Listening Section, so finish them as quick as possible, leaving more time to more worthy WFD. If sure to answer correctly, can spend 1.5 minutes at most in each question( with audio playing combined in). If not, do not spend too much time here, just make a rough choice immediately after the audio playing and enter next

Practice Goal

Multiple-choice-single-answer questions account for a insignificant amount of points in the Listening Section, so they deserve a very low priority in preparation for PTE. Before each audio is played, start reading what is asked and then listen to the audio in a targeted way, which will help to get key information answering to the question.

Practice Task

Before mock/ real tests, practice 1 whole set of questions to get familiar with them. And pay attention to time management.