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Guide to Group Study

November 04, 2020APEUni
GROUP Guide to Group Study

What is Group Study for

  • To join a group with the exam date, the exam goal or the exam center the same as or similar to yours, and communicate with each other on anythings related to PTE, such as experience sharing, query answering, etc..
  • Within a group, you can stay aware of all members’ information of exam and real-time data of practice.
  • As a member, your commitment to the exam preparation is monitored by the leader and all the other memberscan, and vice versa. You are always urged on.

How to join a group that suits you

  • We recommend a group well-suited to you according to the information offered by you, like exam date, exam goal and exam center, in Suggested Groups on the homepage of Group Study.
  • You can also search for a group yourself by entering a group number, or a keyword, such as 79+, July, Melbourne October Target 79, etc..
  • Click the button Join Group at the bottom of the page Group Details and join the group
    (groups already with 10 members or whose leaders enable No one can join are unavailable)

How to create a group

Click the button New Group on the homepage of Group Study and create your group. By default, you will be the group leader.

Other Q&A

I am a group member

How many groups can I be in simultaneously?

At most 3 groups.

How can I communicate with my group members?

Click the button Enter Group Forum at the bottom of the page My Group

How can I remind my group members on?

Check a group member’s practice data displayed in the page My Group, and click the button Remind for him or her.

What is the group number for?

Each group has a unique group number, by which the group can be searched for, and which can be posted in other platforms and forums to make your group members of more people.

I am a group leader

What do a group leader do?

  • To remind and encourage members who fail to work hard according to daily practice data.
  • To name or rename the group and give the group information, such as group goals, daily practice plans, punishments, etc..
  • To manage the group, such as removing lazy members, setting paticipation criteria, etc..

How can I modify group information and manage members?

To enter the page Group Settings by clicking the button Settings at the upper right corner of the page My Group.

How many groups can I create simultaneously?

Just one.

If any other issues, just inform us by commenting below~