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Why does my VIP become unavailable for use?(Apple Pay)

July 09, 2021APEUni
Why does my VIP become unavailable for use?(Apple Pay)

1. When Apple has successfully processed your order, you will receive a receipt from Apple shown as follow:

apeuni pte

2. When you receive this receipt, but your VIP has not been successfully updated, please refer to the solutions below.

a. "Sign in with apple account" and "email&password account" are two completely different accounts.

b. You need to check both your "Sign in with apple account" and "email&password account", to confirm the account that you have used to purchase our VIP.

How to sign in with Apple

You can log in to your apple account as shown below

apeuni pte

If you want to use the Apple ID to log in to the website or Android APP, please click :

Other login methods (Apple ID)

If you have done everything above, but still failed to find the account used to update our VIP, please send an email to us ( including all the information below:

1. What is your account email or UUID? (Please attach a screenshot of your account information page)

2. Please give us a receipt screenshot (Showing the payment time, amount and the payee's name)