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How Accurate are Exam Predictions?

May 15, 2019PTE APEUni

How accurate are predictions?

How accurate are predictions

Since the recurrence of the real exam question is a probabilistic issue in itself and each candidate encounters a different set of questions even in the same exam room, we can't guarantee the repeat rate of each exam.

The Accuracy rate on Different Types of Questions

Different types of questions have different repeat rates. In addition, the number of recent test feedbacks also affects the repeat rates, which is shown in each question type. That is to say, if RA's repeat rate is 45% in the current week, then on average at least 45% of students will meet the questions included in our prediction for the week.

The following types of questions, including Read Aloud, Describe Image, Retell Lecture, Answer Short Questions, Summarize Spoken Text, Summarize Written Text, Essay, and Write From Dictation, are types of questions with a high repeat rate, and are also the types that everyone must read.

Advice of Study

Although the prediction is the selection of some high-frequency questions, the low-frequency questions may still recur in the exams. Therefore, if you have some time, it is recommended to practice all the questions in the APEUni Question Bank. The review range is larger and naturally there will be a higher chance of repeating. However, for the students who are short of time, the most efficient way is to practice the exam questions with the highest frequency in the prediction of the time.